November 12, 2010

Booth at Fall Market 2010

Left side of booth.

Right side of booth.

Fall Market 2010 and New Patterns

It was a strawberry. Now it is a carrot, pine cone, watermelon pit, acorn or a bee.
Everything Bag really fits everything needed for quilting, knitting, etc.
The case fits large circular needles and rotary cutters.
Andy and Gerry are puppy dogs.
They represent our parents and will be a series quilt.
Share your abundance in life for life.
Our sister, Cheryl Ann, just retired as Principal of a high school on Long Island.
A school house seemed fitting to celebrate this occasion.

November 10, 2010

Queens at Market

Oops...where are they? Isn't this booth beautiful.

Here'ssssssssssssssss Pam. I wonder what she did to deserve a foot stool with her name on it.

And Elizabeth. Don't you just love her designs.

November 6, 2010

New Friend Katy

Most of the time you meet a new person at Market that just stays with you. This is the case with Katy Schneider from June Tailor, Inc. What a joy for us to be across the isle from her. Thank you Katy for helping our Market a little extra special.

November 4, 2010

Reviewing International Fall Market 2010

Crazy Old Ladies came to visit. Isn't Emily just darling.
Love the hand on the hip pose

Proof..Mark Lipinski was at Fall Market!

It was rumored that you could hear Mark 5 rows away shouting...
I'm not toooooooooooouchng you.
We really missed you Mark and wish you well.
A special thank you to Izzy & Ivy for this visit