July 19, 2011

roll or zip That Bag!

When you need a bag just take it out of your purse. Pattern includes two different zippered outside measurment bags but same size bags when opened or a roll up Velcro closure bag. You can decide which one fits your purse.

On the Hour and Counting

This is a great quilt to teach a child how to count and tell time. On the hour block are numbers to look like dog bones. We used Moda's fabric line Max and Whiskers. The block next to or before the number has the same number of fabrics to correspont to the number. Andee quilted the quilt with clocks telling different times

July 4, 2011

When Duty Calls

Happy Independance Day. Our proud flag is waving. Andy and Gerry (our parents) are featured in this quilt pattern as we remember why we are celebrating July 4th. Andy is in his military uniform and Gerry holding up her arm muscle and her foot out showing support from the homefront. There are 50 stars each with the two state initials. Remember to thank our men and woman who give us the freedom to do what we do each day of our lives. God Bless America!