September 27, 2019

Moda Bake Shop Summer Camp 2019

Moda Bake Shop's Summer Camp
At The Seashore 2019
At The Seashore
Mary Andra Holmes
@MahQuilter of Sisters Quilting Trunk

I placed each block in a position to tell my story at Moda Bake Shop’s Summer Camp 2019.
I took the red eye from Arizona to New York the night before camp started. We met family and friends who joined us for Summer Camp.  We drove to the east coast seashore at the end of Long Island.  Sun was just rising. Boaters were avoiding buoys as they headed out to sea for a day of fun. Lifeguard stations were being set up on the sand and families were leaving their cabins for a day in the sun.  We took a walk along the shoreline to visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse. In 1963 my husband, boyfriend at the time, took me there for the first time. It’s one of our favorite memories. I added the longitude and latitude of the lighthouse.
As the hours passed we flew back to the west coast seashore to Dana Point, a favorite spot of ours when we lived in California. As we arrived at the beach children were under beach umbrellas hiding from the noon sun eating ice cream and ice pops.  Others were playing beach ball with new found friends.  As the sun was setting over the Pacific we took a walk along the shore and found Starfish.  Moms and dads were lighting sparklers for their children while we enjoyed looking at the full moon and the sky filled with stars. I added the longitude and latitude of Dana Point.
Thanking Moda Bake Shop and all the designers who participated in another fabulous Summer Camp.
Emily Ravenberg Bailey, Dannielle Bohannon, Lisa Walls Calle, Carol Carter, Jane Shallala Davidson, Jessica Dayon, Nicola Dodd, Barbara Esposito, Kristin Esser, , Lisa Jo Girodat, Sharla Droste Kenzel, Heather Long, Audrey Mann, Mona Whittaker Phelps, Lauren Terry, Susan Wilburn Vaughan, Christine Weld, Anne Wiens, Mary Andra Holmes.

Finished quilt

These are the three blocks that I designed for this MBSQAL.     

 Lighting the Way
Night Sky at the Seashore


June 3, 2019

Good morning everyone.  Its been awhile since I was on our blog but trying to get back onto it.  It seems like most of the time my sisters and I are on Instagram.

I am one of the contributors to Moda Bake Shop Summer Camp. You will be able to find everything you need to participate at the Moda Bake Shop blog.  This summer Oda May has brought us to the Seashore.  We're going to have a fabulous time.  I hope you join us along the way.  Please remember to bring your sunscreen.  

Hoping to meet you At The Seashore,
Mary Andra   

June 30, 2018

MBSQAL Choose Your Own Adventure

Next row 1/2" border added to center.

We had so much fun with this little 1" border. We wanted something 
simple and easy to finish the center medallion before moving on to the next row.
We love the look of  a 1/2" finished sashing.

June 25, 2018

MBSQAL Choose Your Own Adventure

Good morning from Camp Oda May.
My fabric collection in choosing my own adventure is Holy Woods by 3 Sisters.
I could swear I'm one on the sisters.  I love every line they've created.  

 As you start cutting and if you are using Layer Cakes, it is important that you 
flip your template or it will not fit on a 10" square. My suggestion would be
to do the same if you are using fatquarters. 

I used 6 different fabrics.  You will need 4 pedals of each one.

Fold each pedal in half with right sides together.
finger press fold line. Do not iron as this may set the fold
and you will not be able to iron it out

Stitch the folded fabric at the widest part at the top using a 1/4" seam allowance.
On the folded edge side, start the cut up one 1/8" from stitch line and clip off.
There will be less bulk at the tip when you turn the point. 

Open up the stitched seam allowance and finger press open.

Turn tip inside out.  Use a Clover turner to distribute fabric evenly at the inside point.
Line up the stitch line to the folded line and iron in place. 

Now you will decide if you are making one 20.5" Dresden in one piece 
or 4 quartered Dresden's and sewing them together.
Arrange the fabric to your liking and stitch 6 together.

Only the tips will be appliqued in place.  Now add your one quarter center template, 
white in this picture. and applique' in place hiding the bottom of the 6 pedals. 
Continue this 3 more times and sew 
all four together making sue you form a circle.

Sew all 24 pedals together to form a circle.
Fold the 20.5" background square in half and finger press the fold line.  
Open up and fold in opposite direction and finger press that fold line.

Open up and use the fold lines to center your circle. Applique' tips in place.
Your center circle will be a 3.5" circle.  Applique in place. 
Your finished. 

Hand applique'

Appliqueing a Dresden Plate 
Open all seams and iron. Your Dresden Plate will lay flatter.

Hank applique'ing.
Come up from the back with your needle and thread into the fold 
on the piece to be applique'd. 

Place your needle straight down in the background fabric 
directly under  where the thread came up in the fold.

 Pivot the point of your needle to the left, less then 1/4 " away from where your 
needle went in the background fabric, and come up in the fold 
of the piece to be applique'd.

 I always keep my needle parallel to my fold line as seen in the picture below.
Pull your needle out and continue stitching as above. 
It may take a little practice but the end results are so worth it.

Front side.
Right point is applique'd in place. Left is still pined. 

Back side.  
To keep threads from showing through as a shadow to the front,
take a running stitch and keep thread under applique'd piece and cut. 

Hiding tails.
Take a stitch over your starting tail knot to hold tail in place.
then take a large stitch away from edge and clip thread.
Your tails will not shadow through the front of your quilt.

Please feel free to email me any questions you may have about hand applique'.

June 23, 2018

MBSQAL Choose Your Own Adventure

Welcome to Camp Oda May

This quilt-along is brought to you by Moda Bake Shop.

I am one of 8 camp counselors that will help you 
"create your own adventure" for a beautiful Medallion quilt.

Oda May will give you all the information on her site
tomorrow so your ready to start Monday June 25th.
Click on the link above to read all about it.

Hoping to see you at Camp Oda May,
Mary Andra
aka Mah Quilter

January 29, 2018

Rebuilding on Moda Bake Shop

Remembering our birds who also lost their homes during devastating hurricanes and fires in 2017.
They are rebuilding too. 
You may find this pattern at

February 11, 2017

Charity, Donation Quilts, For A Cause Quilts, Just Because Quilt

Have you ever donated a quilt just because you were asked. Or were you moved to be a part of something bigger then you.  Or the cause just gave you a heartache.
Looking at pictures of donated quilts encourages me to continue donating.
I love the feeling knowing they will be loved.
Above quilt.  Donated raffle quilt for Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.
First, for auction, donated quilt in 1984.  It's tiny.  Center applique could be 10" to 12".  Too long ago to remember.

More then 150 Quilts of Valor donated completely finished.  We did have about 250 students from East Hampton High School help with these quilts.  What a blast we had.  Pictures on a pervious
                                                                 More to Follow.

December 6, 2015

Once in a lifetime you get to make a special quilt for a special someone.  Along the way you realize you need some help to accomplish your goals. This was the case with this quilt.  My sisters and I needed help with fabric, ideas, names of new, not yet published, and older fabric lines and names of designers past and present.  Just to mention a few.  We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who help us reach our goal.

Our heartfelt thank you to all the Moda staff, Susan Ache and Moda fabric designers who donated fabric from their personal stash.

We are forever grateful, Andee, Candee, Cheryl Ann and Mary Andra

November 25, 2014

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol #10 Winners

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour Winners 
Winners winning Moda Fabric Honey Buns and 5" Charm Squares should receive their prize by Monday or Tuesday depending on the state you live in. Winners of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol #10 will receive their magazine directly from Quiltmaker Magazine. Congratulations to all six winners. We hope you enjoy your prizes. Mary Andra, Cheryl Ann, Candee and Andee.

November 20, 2014

We are in Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol# 10

Three of the sisters from Sisters' Quilting Trunk are in Vol. # 10
Andee, Cheryl Ann and Mary Andra
Block # 956 is Andee's Cabin Star Block. 
                 Andee made a wall hanging quilt from the block. I love it.
                         Block # 970 is Cheryl Ann's American Spirit.
 Cheryl Ann made a table runner with her block. Loving the Moda fabric.
                         Block #905 is Mary Andra's Cherry Pickin'.
Mary Andra made a quilt with her block. Pam Kitty is a dear friend. 
 As most of you who follow us know, we do give away great prizes. We will be giving away three this time around. Each winner will receive a 5" pack and a Honey Bun. All fabric will be from some of our favorite Moda designers. Quiltmaker magazine will also be giving away three Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol. #10 to three lucky winners who comment on our blog during this Blog Hop. Winners will be notified by email 11/23/2014.
So much fun.
Please send us a picture of any of our patterns that you use. We would love to share them on our blog.
 For all who read this..... wishing you a great day.

May 3, 2014

Winners Notified

Winners have been sent an email. You will have until May 7th 2014 to respond. New names will be drawn if no response.
We would like to thank all who visited our blog during the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour Vol. #9. We had a great time and hoping you did too.
Wishing all who read this a great week, Mary Andra, Cheryl Ann, Candee and Andee.

May 1, 2014

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 9

Two sisters from Sisters' Quilting Trunk are featured in this issue. We are so excited for them to have been included with other wonderful quilters.
 This button should read 'our" block is in.....
 Twin sister, Candee, designed Twin Baskets for her block. I am sure you can guess why.
 Twin sister, Andee, designed the quilt to go with the block. Andee added four blocks together and rotated them. We love their design and hope you will too.
We will have three give-a-ways this time. One will be a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol 9 and twin fabric and notion give-a-ways. The fabrics are the same but the notions are different. To make everything in two's Quiltmaker Magazine will also give a copy of their magazine to one of our lucky winners.  We hope you enjoy not only their block and quilt but our gifts too. No questions to answer just reply to the posting. Winners will be chosen by random number count on May 2nd, 2014.  If you have not do so, please visit all the blogs hoppers participating. You may find them at . Wishing all who read this a wonderful week.

April 5, 2014

Quiltmaker May Issue 2014

Two of the sisters are published.
Candee designed the quilt and Andee quilted it.

Is this not just the cutest quilt! 
 As a wonderful surprise to us, Quiltmaker added another color option. They used a new Moda Fabric line designed by Barb and Mary of  Me and My Sister Designs.

March 7, 2014

New Patterns February 2014

"Plaid Comma"
Love this quilt. We used Comma fabric by Moda
  "Jim Dandy's Roost"
We had so much fin making this one. We wished that Little Black Dress fabric by Moda was available when we designed this one. We used Rite Dye to dye all the white and black fabric so it became cream and black.
 "1859 Captain Asah Coleman"
This quilt is a reproduction of a quilt made in 1859 by Jane Cooper Coleman for your husband Asah during the Civil War. The quilt was entered in a contest in St. Louis in 1859 and hung in St. Louis in 1901. Also hung in Chicago in 1931. The Chicago label is still on the quilt.

December 10, 2013


We were very young when this picture was taken. I think the twins were graduating from high school a year earlier then their classmates. 

December 8, 2013

Jim Dandy's Roost

Our newest pattern is ready to be shipped.
Jim Dandy's Roost

AQS Quilt Week Phoenix, AZ February 5-8 2014.

We will be vending at AQS Quilt Week February 5th to the 8th, 2014.

                Mary Andra will be teaching two quilts during the show. Stash Blues is the blue one below.
Weeping Cherry will also be taught by Mary Andra
We hope you visit us.