November 7, 2011

Eye Candy was Spotted at Fall Market 2011

"Eye Candy" with Edyta Sitar (Laundry BasketQuilts) and Joanna Figueroa (Fig Tree & Co). Rumor has it that "eye candy" is being paid with room keys instead of charge cards. LOL

A few of our friends at Fall Market 2011

Who doesn't love Julie, @jaybirdquilts. We do. And Julie loves chocolate. Brenda, Acorn Quilts, with her newest, most wonderful, have to have, I want it now, quilt. Brenda was in the Lucien booth with her new line of fabric. It is wonderful to say the least. I love roses.

Cindy Oates from Taylor Made Designs setting up her booth. Love this new shirt. It is another have to have for sure.

Renee' Plains from Liberty Star with my sisters Candee and Andee. Renee' is doing last minute touches before the show opens. Her new book was a have to have but I won a copy so now I can say I have it.

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs was also doing finishing touches. I think I own just about all of her patterns.

Houston Market Fall 2011 Our booth

Our booth. We had a great time at Market. Thank you to all who visited.

October 16, 2011

Stash Blues inspired by Elly and Harriet

I took my first class from Elly Sienkiewicz in 1988. I purchased my first blue stash from the collection of Harriet Hargrave in 2002. This quilt was designed shortly after the class and it has taken this long to use the blue stash. I have designed many Elly inspired quilts but none with this many circles. A special thank you to Elly and Harriet.

October 8, 2011

Keeping a Promise

When she was a high school principal, one of my sisters made wall hanging quilts for each month of the school year. It was with the making of these wall hanging quilts that she learned to machine piece, machine applique and hand bind. Another sister did all of the longarm quilting. The Martin Luther King, Jr. quilt top brought an added lesson in using a light box. Each month a new quilt was hung on the glass windows that faced into the main hallway from her office. When January rolled around she hung her Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. picture which caught the eye of two staff members who each independently asked her if she was going to keep the quilt. They were disappointed when she told them she intended to recycle the quilts each month of every year she was principal there. She made them a promise, though, that she would make one for each of them after a conversation with them led to the discovery that they were both interested in hanging the quilts in their churches. It took a year after her retirement, but with the help of the sister who is a longarmer, she has kept her promise to make them. They will be sent out during the last week of September to the two staff members who will ensure they hang in their churches, which are on the east end of Long Island, NY. The original wall hanging for the month of January and the two for the east end churches are pictured.

September 11, 2011

We will never forget 9/11 and those who serve

As the sun rises this day 9/11/2011 let us not forget to thank those who have given us this day to rise with the sun, living the freedom they have given us. A special thank you to my family who have served; Henry J, Henry V, Henry A, Per Anders, William A, Uncle Tony, Uncle Sal, My Eddie, Great Uncle Willie, Uncle Norman, Uncle Wallie, Uncle John, Uncle Andrew, Brian, Mickey, now serving Perry and Sara. May God Bless Us All.

August 19, 2011

Toni Ann's room

Our niece, Toni Ann, is decorating a room using black,white and red to highlight her houndstooth covered chair. She has two of the three quilts completed. We love the look and her decorating sense.

July 19, 2011

roll or zip That Bag!

When you need a bag just take it out of your purse. Pattern includes two different zippered outside measurment bags but same size bags when opened or a roll up Velcro closure bag. You can decide which one fits your purse.

On the Hour and Counting

This is a great quilt to teach a child how to count and tell time. On the hour block are numbers to look like dog bones. We used Moda's fabric line Max and Whiskers. The block next to or before the number has the same number of fabrics to correspont to the number. Andee quilted the quilt with clocks telling different times

July 4, 2011

When Duty Calls

Happy Independance Day. Our proud flag is waving. Andy and Gerry (our parents) are featured in this quilt pattern as we remember why we are celebrating July 4th. Andy is in his military uniform and Gerry holding up her arm muscle and her foot out showing support from the homefront. There are 50 stars each with the two state initials. Remember to thank our men and woman who give us the freedom to do what we do each day of our lives. God Bless America!

May 25, 2011

Missing Quilt

Have you seen this quilt? It went missing from Holy Comforter Field Home, Cortlandt Manor, NY. All the blocks are plaids. It is machine quilted and has the words "This quilt belongs to Henry John Holmes" or Henry J Holmes, machine quilted towards the bottom of the quilt. Please contact this site if you have any knowledge of it's whereabouts. Thanking you

New Pattern from Spring Market - Happy Shopping

There is nothing worse than having a bottle filled with a liquid or eggs break on the way home from grocery shopping. Well there is but lets not think about what that might be :). These quilted bags are made to help with that problem. Large bag has four holders to keep 2-liter bottles separated and lots of room for groceries. Medium bag has four separations each holding a 1-liter bottle and groceries. Small bag holds six wine bottles. Very small bag holds one wine bottle.

New Pattern from Spring Market - 72 hours

We love the ease in making this quilt. There are 72 hour glass blocks in this quilt.

New Pattern from Spring Market - 8 1/2 Hours

We love the finished look of this quilt. We added a pattern for a pillow case to make it complete.

May 24, 2011

Spring 2011 Market

Renee' (Liberty Star) I would love to show you her booth under contruction with 2 helpers but Renee' had food poison so I can't joke. She was so sick. Cindy and Renee' are long time friends of mine!!!
Cindy (Taylor Made Designs) was right next door. Love Cindy and everything she does.

Not a great picture. I guess I just wasn't in the mood.

Pop Pop

My father-in-law passed away May 19th. Not only was he a great man and Father to his 4 children but the best father-in-law!

Where have I been?

We moved. Spending to much time getting everything right and not enough time living. So now that I am back among the living...lets see what is new.