December 8, 2010

Remembering our brother Bill

Our brother Bill would have been 66 years old today. He was the oldest of the siblings but I just found this picture of him as a little boy.

November 12, 2010

Booth at Fall Market 2010

Left side of booth.

Right side of booth.

Fall Market 2010 and New Patterns

It was a strawberry. Now it is a carrot, pine cone, watermelon pit, acorn or a bee.
Everything Bag really fits everything needed for quilting, knitting, etc.
The case fits large circular needles and rotary cutters.
Andy and Gerry are puppy dogs.
They represent our parents and will be a series quilt.
Share your abundance in life for life.
Our sister, Cheryl Ann, just retired as Principal of a high school on Long Island.
A school house seemed fitting to celebrate this occasion.

November 10, 2010

Queens at Market

Oops...where are they? Isn't this booth beautiful.

Here'ssssssssssssssss Pam. I wonder what she did to deserve a foot stool with her name on it.

And Elizabeth. Don't you just love her designs.

November 6, 2010

New Friend Katy

Most of the time you meet a new person at Market that just stays with you. This is the case with Katy Schneider from June Tailor, Inc. What a joy for us to be across the isle from her. Thank you Katy for helping our Market a little extra special.

November 4, 2010

Reviewing International Fall Market 2010

Crazy Old Ladies came to visit. Isn't Emily just darling.
Love the hand on the hip pose

Proof..Mark Lipinski was at Fall Market!

It was rumored that you could hear Mark 5 rows away shouting...
I'm not toooooooooooouchng you.
We really missed you Mark and wish you well.
A special thank you to Izzy & Ivy for this visit

September 7, 2010

Peek of Fall Market 2010

This is the collection that the sisters choose for "From Family and Friends" series. It is called "View from my Porch" using Moda's "Origins" by Basic Gray.
The whole collection will be used.
We will be introducing "Andy and Gerry" at Fall Market. This will be another series. The fabric choice should give away some of the pattern. The title is "Andy gives Gerry a Daisey". It is made using Moda's "Dream On" by Urban Chicks.
The whole collection will be used.

This quilt is dedicated to our sister Cheryl Ann. She is the first member of our family to get a doctorate degree. Cheryl recently retired as principal of a high school on Long Island. The quilt is titled "Cheryl Ann's School Days". Made from Moda fabric.

Patterns from Spring Market

I am not sure why I never posted these pattern so I guess I will do it now.
"Winter Memories of Christmas" is a block of the month pattern. This pattern was designed years and years ago and classes taught but never put into a pattern. It is now. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted.
"Chickadees" is one of my favorites.
"Seasons End" love this basket. Stitched by hand is a first in a series of hand stitched containers.
"Weeping Cherry Tree" is a tree I really wanted in my garden but the lack of lots of sunlight in the woods just wasn't going to allow it to flourish.
From Friends and Family is a line of patterns that will be made by the sisters and their family and friends. The first in this series is in memories of one of our brother-in-laws who passed away. The first one featured is "Heavenly Stars". There are two different settings for this quilt, one easier then the other. We picked a whole line of fabric to do this and we will continue to do this with the future quilts in this collection. As you can see from the pictures below, the first one is easier then the second.

"16 1/4 Hours" This quilt is made from a jelly roll -16 patch, a charm pack - 4 patch and a layer cake - hour glass. Hence the name. Pattern for a pincushion is also included in the pattern.

Long Beach a little late

One of these days I will get my act together and get these pictures to you sooner.
But better late then never.

Verna Mosquera, owner of The Vintage Spool, showing one of my favorite quilts to a customer.

Sharyn Craig showing Barbara Merkel her newest technique and book.

June 16, 2010

Let me introduce Ruth Jensen

Ruth Jensen did a lecture/trunk show at our local guild (Thumb Butte Quilters Guild) yesterday. Her children's quilts are one of the best for adding dimension and touchy feely for children without being pulled apart. Her childlike figures are sewn into the seams so it is difficult to be pulled apart by little hands. You will note I did not say impossible. Something else I would like to add is a special thank you to Ruth, as she not only made a pattern specifically for our guild but she also gave every member in attendance a free pattern. We usually number about 100 - 120 per meeting. Her tutorials on her web site are great.
Please visit her at

May 29, 2010

A special thank you to Cindy Taylor Oates and Rene'e Plains

My sisters and I would like to send a special thank you to Cindy (Taylor Made Designs) and Renee (Liberty Star).
I have been friends with Cindy and Renee for more years than I can count.
With their help and guidance we had a successful Spring Market.
Cindy's Booth
So.......Renee was either not at her booth or busy everytime I went by to take a picture so
I am adding this one.
Renee, Cindy and other " Circle of Friends" were celebrating Renee's new book.

May 27, 2010

Home, tired and sick

We had a great time and a wonderful Market.
Three of the four sisters came home sick but are recovering.
The booth across from us was Lakadaisies.
Their booth was wonderful.
Oops one of ours got in the wrong spot.
Dee and Jordan from The Olde Wrold Quilt Shoppe, shopping.
Sharon Craig enjoying retirement and writting new books.
So glad to see her.
Ann Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs with a great booth,
new fabric line, patterns and won best double booth.
Camille, on right, and Mom (Cotton Way)
wonderful patterns and fabric

May 21, 2010

Day 1 Spring Market

Meet Lily. Is she the cutiest. She is having si much fun at Market and a very, very nice new friend.
So excited.....Pamkittymorning came to visit our booth. I am not sure if I am having more fun meeting my twitter friends or meeting more friends then I could ever imagine or spending money or laughing so hard with my sisters that pants needed to be changed.

And.......5 minutes before opening I had to change the booth, just a little.
More to follow tomorrow.

May 20, 2010

We are here!

  1. We found Joanna working hard. (FigTree Quilts)

    Hopped on over to visit Ann. Meet Will and Lily. They are to die for!

    Guess who was the last one in, not mentioning any names, whoof (Miss Rosies Mom).

May 18, 2010

Off to Market

It has been a long time since I have blogged and I promise to do better.
The web is up and running.
Our patterns are printed and shipped.
Our bags are packed and we are headed to our first Market.
I plan on blogging, with photo's, from Market so you can see what everyone is doing.
As long as the camera works and I can upload pictures, that is.
If not I will post as soon as I return.
Hope to see you there,
The Sisters

February 13, 2010

It's a beautiful day

The grand children's tree house is waiting for spring

I just had to take advantage of this beautiful day to take pictures of the creek in the back yard. The sound of the running water is so peaceful.

January 19, 2010

Road to CA 2010

I was able to get a quick moment with Verna Mosquera owner of The Vintage Spool. She is showing me her new line of wonderful fabric. I love the way she displayed them in photo frames.

I met two of the most darling young woman at Road. Meet Judy and Kellee. They were working in Susan Branch's booth. They would have made their mothers proud. I so enjoyed talking to them. Susan's' booth looked beautiful!