September 7, 2012

Ruth's Traveling Tree

 The short story of Ruth. She is 90 years old. Needs oxygen on a daily basis. Her biggest fear is loosing her sight completely. To say Ruth loves art is an understatement. Over the next few months I will bring her art to your home for you to enjoy. There are acres and acres of her art on her property.  We will start with her "The Traveling Tree".   Ruth said it starts with the bathroom and ends at the end of her travels with her husband. He has passed away. (Did she say Bathroom?)

I started this journey by going with two quilting friends to pick apples to make apple butter and canned plums. Ruth is a friend of Fran. Carolyn and I just tagged along. I am so glad I took my camera. With permission from Ruth I was told I could take pictures of anything I wanted.

And the story begins......

Picture of Ruth and two of my friends, Carolyn and Fran.
Sign for "The Traveling Tree.

 From afar, Ruth tells me that this tree captures the travels of her and her husband and all the places they have been during their many years together. Ruth asks me...can you see the wheels?
Picture of the wheels and some kind of chain connecting them. 
Indeed there is a bathroom.  Is this a hoot?  I see a magazine rack. I had to enlarge the pic so you can see everything. A can that looks like toilet paper on a roll. And license plates. Oh and the tree...isn't it wonderful. 

Looking at the back side of the tree.
 More license plates from other states.
The end of the tree.
I hope you enjoyed my little story about Ruth. I can't wait to show you more of her art.  This is only the beginning.

September 4, 2012

Hexi quilt

Almost finished with new Hexi pattern. Love using Wonder Clips from Clover to start making each Hexi. Hubby calls them oysterets LOL