February 11, 2017

Charity, Donation Quilts, For A Cause Quilts, Just Because Quilt

Have you ever donated a quilt just because you were asked. Or were you moved to be a part of something bigger then you.  Or the cause just gave you a heartache.
Looking at pictures of donated quilts encourages me to continue donating.
I love the feeling knowing they will be loved.
Above quilt.  Donated raffle quilt for Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.
First, for auction, donated quilt in 1984.  It's tiny.  Center applique could be 10" to 12".  Too long ago to remember.

More then 150 Quilts of Valor donated completely finished.  We did have about 250 students from East Hampton High School help with these quilts.  What a blast we had.  Pictures on a pervious
                                                                 More to Follow.

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