May 3, 2013

Guess who's coming to AZ

That's right. The American Quilting Society is coming to Phoenix February 5th 2014 to February 8th 2014. Contact Laurie Mahan for vendor information. I just did. Won't you join me. Plan on a great week.

What is AQS?  
The American Quilter's Society is a quilt book publisher and quilt magazine publisher and membership organization that strives to inspire, instruct and nurture the art and skill of quiltmaking.
AQS provides a forum for quilters of all skill levels to expand their horizons in quiltmaking, quilt design, self-expression and quilt collection. This is accomplished by publishing quilting books, quilting magazines, quilt shows, quilt contests, quilting workshops, and a membership organization.
AQS is the publisher of quilting books and two quilting magazines, American Quilter and The Quilt Life. This quilting membership organization conducts four quilt shows and contests each year in Lancaster, PA, Paducah, KY, Grand Rapids, MI, and Des Moines, IA. These quilt shows and quilt contests attract thousands of quilt enthusiasts from around the world who enter quilts in the contests and attend the shows.
During its 27-year history, AQS has set the standard of excellence in offering quilting products, quilting workshops, a Quilt Appraiser Certification Program, quilt shows and contests and other activities in the world of quilting.

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