September 7, 2010

Peek of Fall Market 2010

This is the collection that the sisters choose for "From Family and Friends" series. It is called "View from my Porch" using Moda's "Origins" by Basic Gray.
The whole collection will be used.
We will be introducing "Andy and Gerry" at Fall Market. This will be another series. The fabric choice should give away some of the pattern. The title is "Andy gives Gerry a Daisey". It is made using Moda's "Dream On" by Urban Chicks.
The whole collection will be used.

This quilt is dedicated to our sister Cheryl Ann. She is the first member of our family to get a doctorate degree. Cheryl recently retired as principal of a high school on Long Island. The quilt is titled "Cheryl Ann's School Days". Made from Moda fabric.

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